Financial Times World Shipping Congress - Shipping the Future

Dear Sirs,

FT Business, acknowledging the significance of maritime transportation, presents, in association with Boussias Communications,
the World Shipping Congress, to be held in Athens on Monday 20 and Tuesday 21 February 2012.

Featuring a combination of keynote addresses, presentations, interactive panel discussions, parallel "focus sessions",
closed sessions, private meeting and networking opportunities, the World Shipping Congress will assemble the elite of international shipping,
world trade and financing to analyse, discuss and forecast the major strategic issues of the Shipping Industry at an era of high economic uncertainty
and financial fragility.

Leading with our editorial expertise, this event will provide delegates with the opportunity to:

• Assess the macroeconomic environment

• Evaluate the impact of current economic conditions on maritime transportation

• Gain the view from international decision makers and experts on the prospects of world trade and the impact on the Shipping Industry

• Define future Shipping demand and supply

• Investigate ship financing aspects and opportunities

• Analyse the effect of Basel III on Shipping

• Focus on core industry issues, such as Bulk, Tankers, LNGs, Containers and Offshore Drillling

• Discuss ports, supply chains and transport networks

• Project the future of the shipbuilding industry

• Address the threat of piracy

• Identify marine insurance issues

Congress Chairman
Spyros M. Polemis, Chairman, International Chamber of Shipping, Chairman, ABS U.K. National Committee

Congress Coordinator
Michael Skapinker, Financial Times Assistant Editor, Columnist and Editor of FT Special Reports

Confirmed by now speakers

• Representatives of Institutions

• Michalis Chrisochoidis, Minister of Development, Competitiveness and Shipping, Greece (awaiting final confirmation)

• Supachai Panitchpakdi, Secretary - General, UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)

Industry representatives

• Paolo D' Amico, President, Italian Shipowners' Association (Confitarma), President, Amico Societa di Navigazione

• Joseph J. Cox, President & CEO, Chamber of Shipping of America

• Thor Jorgen Guttormsen, President, Norwegian Shipowners' Association (Norges Rederiforbund), Director, Hoegh Autoliners Holdings AS and Hoegh LNG Limited

• Jong - Chul Lee, Chairman, Korea Shipowners' Association (KSA), Vice - Chairman and CEO, STX PanOcean Corporation

• John C. Lyras, Member of the Board of the Union of Greek Shipowners – ex President

• Carsten Mortensen, Chairman, Danish Shipowners' Association, CEO, Dampskibsselskabet NORDEN A/S

• Tineke Netelenbos, Chairman, Royal Association of Netherlands Shipowners (De Koninklijke Vereniging van Nederlandse Reders) (KVNR)

• Michael Parker, President, UK Chamber of Shipping, Chairman, CMA-CGM (UK) Holdings Ltd.

• Ted Petropoulos, Head of Petrofin Research, PSMI, Greece

Register now, to join us as we explore the future of the world shipping industry.

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